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Tampa Dynamo FC and West Florida Flames Q&A​

Why did the clubs form the Alliance?​

The Alliance formed after positive meetings between the leadership of both clubs. The two groups shared club philosophies and discussed having the same vision for long term player development. They agreed that all players within the Tampa Bay area should be given the same opportunities and access to play at the very highest level.

What opportunities will now be available?

As part of the player development pathway at West Florida Flames, Tampa Dynamo players will be given unprecedented access to all the highest national leagues, including MLS NEXT and Girls Academy. As well  Tampa Dynamo players will have access to all top regional and state leagues, such as Florida Academy League, Sunshine Academy League (MLS Reserve), Development Player League (GA 2), Florida Club League, Big Six League, CDL, and USA League. Under Tampa Dynamo’s 2019 / 2020 structure there was only access to local level leagues.

Please see the league pathway structure image below for greater understanding. As well as the pathway document for information regarding each league.

Will I have to travel to get these opportunities?

As an alliance both clubs will now operate through all three field locations: Keith Waller Park (Valrico), JC Handley (Brandon) & Summerfield Soccer Park (Riverview). This alliance means that players will have access to these fantastic opportunities within a short drive of their homes. Training locations for each team will be discussed once teams are formed during tryouts but we will now have the field flexibility to train out of multiple locations.

Which uniform will my team be wearing?

Uniforms and player registration will depend on which league the team are placed in. For example, if your team continues to play in a local league that Tampa Dynamo is registered for, then you will continue to play in a Dynamo uniform. If you are selected to a team that plays in a State or National level league, then you will play in a West Florida Flames uniform.

How will this alliance affect our Academy & Junior Programs?

Tampa Dynamo will run our Junior Program out of the Summerfield location and West Florida Flames will simultaneously run their Junior Program in Brandon. All groups will play at a local level with equal importance given to all junior teams. A highly skilled set of carefully selected coaches will be announced with clear technical direction, all working together on the same pathway of development.

When will tryouts take place?

Tryouts for Florida Club League & Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) will be starting the Week Commencing May 3rd       

What club fee will I pay?

The club fees that you will pay will depend upon the level (league) that your player's team plays in. The club fees at Tampa Dynamo will increase for the 2021-2022 season due to the rising costs associated with youth soccer and will fall in line with the surrounding market. If a player is selected to play for a team in a league under the West Florida Flames pathway, the player will pay the club fee associated with that club fee level at West Florida Flames.

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