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Age: 8-9 years old 
Gender: Coed 
Players on Field: 7 v 7 (6 fields players and 1 keeper) 
Minimum # on Field: 5 per team (to avoid forfeit)  
Total Players per Team: 10-12 
Ball size:
Substitutions: Both teams substitute at stoppage of play, with permission of the Referee

Duration of Game:
25 minute halves 
5 minutes at half time 
55 minutes total time

FIFA Laws of the game, except
No deliberate heading the ball (indirect kick for other team) 
Goalkeepers are prohibited from punting and/or drop-kicking (encourage rolling out, various throwing techniques, playing from the back)
Referees explain various calls/rules to players as a teaching aid
No scores/standings kept

If a coach enters the field to check an injured player, the player must leave the field. Coaches should try to re-enter the player, if possible, to maximize playing time for each player.

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