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Age: 4-5 years old 
Gender: Coed 
Players on Field: 4 v 4 (all field players - no keepers) 
Minimum # on Field:
Total Players per Team: 6-8 
Referees: 0 (coaches oversee game) 
Ball size:
Substitutions: Any stoppage, and or, on the fly (during flow of match if it does not interrupt current play)

Duration of Game:

4 x 8-minute quarters 
2 minutes between quarters 5 minutes at half time 
41 minutes total time


FIFA Laws of the game, except

No deliberate heading the ball (indirect kick for other team) 
No slide tackling 
No goalkeeper 
Play starts from pullback instead of kick-off 
All kick-ins (no throw-ins) 
All indirect kicks

No penalty kicks

No offside calls (No “poaching”, leaving a player close to attacking goal)

Coaches explain various calls/rules to players during game play as a teaching aid.

No scores/standings kept

Special Laws:

No "camping out" in front of the goal to simulate a goalkeeper.

Opposing players must be 5 yards from the ball on goal kicks, corner kicks and free kicks. 

Goal kicks taken from point approximately 1/2 distance from goal post to corner flag

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