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Sunday Adult Co-ed Recreational Soccer - Spring 2021 Season
Will Be Played at Keith Waller Park in Valrico
Season Begins 5/16/2021


General Information

What Our League is About: Established Brandon Adult League moved in 2012 to the Tampa Dynamo FC organization formerly known as Valrico Soccer. Our adult league is entering its 14th season as part of the Tampa Dynamo FC organization.  For the Spring 2021 season, we will play our Sunday games at the Valrico Soccer Complex at Keith Waller Park with games at 6 pm and 7:30 pm, weather permitting. The league is recreational in nature and welcomes men over 25 and women over 18, regardless of skill level.

When: Registration is now open for the 2021 Spring Season!  Check back frequently for updated information, as the team playing schedule will be published just prior to season start. There will be no league games on specified holiday weekends. Season start date is Sunday 5/16/2021, and runs through July. 

Cost: The cost for all rostered players is $115 for the season. Fee includes jerseys, referee fees, balls, field rental from the county, and insurance requirement set by Hillsborough County Parks Department. 

Sub Player Registration: The cost for registering as a sub player is $35. Fee includes the first game and the county-required insurance. After that, each week the player is asked by a manager to sub, they are required to pay $5 to a league administrator.

 Registration: Can be done online while registration is open by following either the "Login" (returning players) or "Register" options in the upper right section of this page. Once logged in, click the “My Account” link to complete the online registration. The online registration requires use of a credit card.  If necessary, you can also print and fill out a registration form (check Adult League Forms sub-menu) and submit the registration form and fees to the league administrator,  Karen Drago Felts. Call the number below for the best way to submit manual registration and payments to Karen.

 Information: Contact Tampa Dynamo FC Adult Soccer league administrator at [email protected]You can also call Karen Drago Felts at 813-389-9352.

League Information


  • This is recreational soccer for men over twenty-five and women over eighteen, following the same general principles of conduct as the youth recreational league. 
  • In cases of discipline, or where no other rule has been stated, FYSA rules will be employed where applicable.
  •  Referees must be respected. Players will be carded for infractions and progressive penalties will be invoked. There is just a center referee, no linesmen, for this recreational league, to keep costs down for the players.
  • Only paid, properly registered players may participate. Allowing unregistered and or under-age players to participate is not allowed.
  •  FIFA guidelines are followed with a few additional house rules to maintain a recreational level of play for adult players. See below to view full rules.
  • The teams will be drawn for each season and balanced based on player ability.
  • For safety’s sake, pregnant players are not allowed. Women who become pregnant during the season will be expected to resign for the remainder of the season.


  •  Jerseys are league provided and MUST be worn by all rostered players. 
  • A team may not elect to wear another color than the one assigned. For any game where the team colors are too close, there are pinnies available for use—see the league administrator to obtain pinnies.
  • Managers are provided several jerseys for use by guest/substitute players. These jerseys must be returned to the manager at the end of each use.
  • Shin guards are required. 
  • Jewelry is to be removed prior to game time, or taped over so that it is not a potential danger to players. 
  • Failure to comply with uniform requirements will result in removal from the game until requirements are met. 

Guest Players/Substitute Players—Explanation and Use:

  • Guest Players are players who are rostered on another team in the league. 
  • Substitute Players are associated with the league by completing an online or paper application (including notarized waivers) and paying an initial $35 fee for the county-required insurance and first game played, with $5 paid to the league administrator every game they play thereafter. 
  • A Sub List is maintained by the league administrator and will be distributed throughout the season as changes occur. 
  • A player must be cleared by the league administrator as having met all requirements to be on the sub list to participate in a game, if they are not rostered to a team.
  • A team may use guest players from other teams and/or substitute players from the Sub List.
  • Managers may “recruit” as many guest players (registered players from our sub list get preference over players from other teams) as they wish up to the team’s roster limit of 15 players (if playing 11 v. 11) or a limit of 13 players (if playing 9 v. 9). 
  • Managers should consider their team’s desire to have playing time prior to making a decision to add players, and the limits explained below regarding #1 rated players must be considered. It is acceptable to not replace a player as long as there are at least two additional subs.
  • Managers must notify the opposing team’s manager of their guest and substitute players. Pinnies or sub jerseys must be worn by guest/substitute players at all times. 
  • Teams will share the available guest/substitute players when there is a shortage of rostered players. League administration will assist managers in making fair decisions. 
  • Male guest players must be of equal or greater numerical rating to the player they are replacing (in other words, a 2 rated player can either be replaced with a 2, 3, or 4 rated player, not a #1 rated player.) NOTE: League administrators have the final say on the rating of players. 
  • Exceptions to the male substitution rule: If a team is assigned only 1 #1 male player on their roster, a #2 player can be replaced with a #1. No more than 2 #1 male players per side are allowed to participate in any game. When replacing a #4 or #5 male player, a # 3 may be used, due to a lack of #4 and #5 players. 
  • A female up to two numerical rating lower can replace a male player. (Example: a #1 female can replace a #3 male but is not to be considered one of the 3 females on the field and would be part of the male sub rotation if there are more than 3 females total participating for the team.) 
  • Female guest players may be of equal numerical rating or 1 rating lower than the player they are replacing, but an effort should first be made to replace with a player of the same skill level. 
  • Guest and substitute players will have equal play time to rostered players. 
  • Substitutions during play are made at game stoppage and are gender-neutral.


Click Here for the Rules of Play

To register, please click here:  


2406 E State Rd 60 #1761 
Valrico, Florida 33594

Phone: 813-730-0322
Email: [email protected]

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