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Adult League Rules


Tampa Dynamo Adult Co-Ed Soccer Rules of Play

Games will be governed by the latest edition of FIFA Laws of the Game with the following exceptions:

  • Games will consist of two forty minute halves separated by a halftime of five minutes.
  • Games will start on time or will be shorted playtime. Managers and players are expected to be on the field no later than ten minutes prior to the start of their game.
  • Games are typically played on a modified full-size field using full size goals and are 11 v 11, Depending on the number of players registered for the season, league administration may change the field size and play a 9 v 9 format.
  • Generally speaking, the players are split up to have a similar number of male and female players on each team. The expectation is that managers replace missing players each week with a sub or guest player of the same sex. This is a guideline, not a requirement.
  • All players (whether male or female) are expected to sub out equally, including players rostered to the teams that are playing, guest players rostered to another team, or substitute players who are paying to play each game.
  • Subbing out during a game is non-gender specific.
  • Substitutions may only be made on any game stoppage, with referee acknowledgement.
  • While any team is ahead by three or more goals, the men of that team may not score, unless by a header. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team for an obvious shot taken by a man when his team is ahead by three or more goals. Alternatively, if agreed upon prior to the game start, the losing team can add a player or the winning team can pull a player, rather than abide by the "headers only" rule.
  • Referees will call both direct and indirect kicks depending on the infraction.
  • The offside law will be enforced solely at the discretion of the referees; however, obvious cherry-picking will not be tolerated.
  • There will be no sliding tackles and no rough play.
  • Players will remain courteous at all times. Disagreements are to be resolved by the referee and his/her decision will not be questioned.
  • Players who are discourteous or use profanities on the field will be asked to leave the game.
  • Players who show a pattern of disregard for other individuals or for the league rules will be ousted from the league. No refunds of monies paid will be given.
  • If a player receives a yellow card, they are to take an automatic 5 minute time-out, even if there is no player to replace them and their team must play short. If there is a sub, they are allowed to replace the carded player.
  • Two yellow cards in a game equate to a red card. Any player who receives either two yellow cards or a red card will be escorted from the field immediately by the referee.
  • Players receiving two yellow cards in a game or a straight red card during a game or during season will be subjected to the following sanctions in addition to being removed from the game receiving the card::1st red card - minimum 1 game suspension. Additional sanction may be given based on Referee input: 2nd red card - minimum 2 game suspension. Receiving any additional red cards during season may result in a minimum 3 game suspension with additional sanctions added based on Referee input. Player(s) can appeal suspensions through the league administrator. Review board will be made up of league administrator and 2 team managers chosen by administrator.
  • Since this is a recreational league, teams with red-carded players are allowed to replace that player if they have a sub.
  • Referee decisions are final!
  • Remember, this is a recreational league and we are playing for fun! Any problems which you feel are inadequately handled by the referee should be brought by the team manager or the league administrators after the game.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated and any physical abuse to a player or referee will necessitate the involvement of law enforcement.


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