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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is competitive soccer and how is it different from in-house, recreation soccer?
A Tampa Dynamo FC competitive soccer is targeted at players whose skills and inclinations suggest participation in a more competitive environment. Players must try out for and make a competitive team, whereas, subject to space limitations, all players who sign up for recreation soccer participate. In competitive soccer, there is a higher level of commitment from parents financially and more time commitment from players for training.

Q – If our child makes a competitive team, when do we have to decide if he or she is playing on the team?
A – Parents must notify their competitive coach if they accept the offer to play on the competitive team when it is offered to them.

Q – Must my child register for tryouts if they plan to play competitive soccer?
A – Yes. All competitive soccer players must be registered to participate in the tryouts.  

Q – Are the age groups for competitive soccer different than those for recreation soccer?
A – Age groups are determined by birth year.  Because competitive teams play in sanctioned leagues, players may not play down in age, and, generally, only in certain situations, are allowed to play “up” to a higher age group. Those situations are determined on a case by case basis and will be approved by Coach Dimas, our Director of Coaching, in conjunction with the coach of the team.

Q – How many competitive teams does Tampa Dynanmo FC field?
A – If sufficient registration and talent permit, Tampa Dynamo FC will field boys and girls teams in Under 8 through 18 and as many teams to accommodate that number of players selected.

Q – When do tryouts occur?
A –
Tryouts occur in May.  Registration for tryouts are currently open. A date for tryouts has not been set.

Q – Must my child have to attend all the tryout sessions to be eligible for the team?

A – Although we understand that many players are involved in other activities during tryout season, attendance at more than one scheduled tryout is recommended.  The more tryout sessions attended, the better the chance to properly evaluate the player.

Q – How many players are kept on each team?

A – Depending on registration and talent levels, Under 8-10 (playing 7v7 soccer) teams have 10-12 players on a team,  Under 11- Under 12 and below teams (playing 9v9 soccer) will generally keep 11-14 players. The Under 13 and above teams (playing 11v11 soccer on a regular field) generally keep 15-18 players.

Q – Who picks the teams? What skills are evaluated by the coaches?

A – The coaches for a particular age group and the Director of Coaching is responsible for evaluating the players and choosing the team. Players are evaluated on their soccer skills, fitness, agility, team play, cooperation and attentiveness.

Q – Do the coaches keep only the players who made the team in prior years?
A – Coaches evaluate all players, both new and returning players. There are usually openings on teams due to players moving, changing sports or other reasons.

Q – When will the team determinations be made?
A –
Typically, team determinations are made during tryout week or the following week.

Q – When/where are practices held?
A – Practices will be held at Summerfield Soccer Complex in Riverview, and Keith Waller Fields in Dover. What teams practice where will be determined prior to team meetings and will be communicated to all parents.

Q – When does the season start and how often do teams practice?
A – For the Senior season (U15 & up) the practices will begin in July, games start in August but will take a break when high school soccer season starts. For the Junior season (U14 and below) practices will begin sometime in August, games start in October and end in February. The competitive teams typically will do tournaments before and after the regular season games, so the commitment is for a full year, starting right after tryouts and ending May 31st of each calendar year.

Q – How much travel is involved?
A –
Approximately half of a team’s matches are home.  Most travel for away games is within a 30-60 minute drive. There are some league games that could be 60 to 90 minutes or more away for some age groups.

Q – How much does it cost to play competitive soccer? What is included in the fee? What is not included in the fee?
A –  Click here to see Cost & Info tab

Q – Is there scholarship assistance and what do we have to do to qualify?
A – There will be a limited amount of scholarships available to players that show a need. Scholarship Forms can be found on the website in the Forms section.

Q – Is my child guaranteed to play at least a half of a game as they are in recreation soccer?
A – We encourage all competitive coaches to be sensitive to the mission of Tampa Dynamo FC but the amount of playing time for competitive players is not guaranteed. Playing time will be based on player soccer ability and participation in scheduled practices.

Q – My child is an accomplished player, and is good enough to make a team in an older age group.  Are they allowed to play up for an older age group?
A –
Although we recognize that some players could make an older age group team, the Program encourages players to stay at age. Determinations regarding players playing out of their age group will be made by the coaches and the Directors of Coaching, Please be advised that unless the player will be considered a starter on the older team they will be required to remain in their correct age group.

Q – What parent participation is required?

A – Parents are expected to assist TDFC in the furtherance of its goals. This may include field maintenance, fund raising, tournament assistance, etc. You will be contacted to determine your desired form of assistance. 

Q – Who are the competitive coaches?
A – A highly qualified coach is used to train players at each practice and run each game. Announcement of coaches are made prior to tryouts and will be posted on the Tampa Dynamo FC website along with their credentials.  Click here to see a list of the current season's coaches.

Q-Why are there multiple tryout locations and dates?
 Typically, TDFC tryouts are scheduled on alternating days by location and gender; each gender has mulitple tryouts at each location. For the tryout schedule click here.

Q – Which park will my child’s team be located at?  Will there be teams at each location for each age group?
A – This will depend on a number of factors including the make-up of the team and where the players live, the coach and other teams that they may be coaching and where that practice is, available field space, etc. While we hope to have teams at each location the team in the highest level for most age groups will be combined. There is no guarantee we will have enough players to have additional teams at each location. More information regarding combined teams and at which age groups they will play will be published prior to tryouts.  Recreation players will play games at their registered location.

Q – What league(s) and at what level (e.g. USA Division 1) will the Dynamo be fielding teams for?
A – Tampa Dynamo USA League, CDL League, FSCL League, FSPL League, and other leagues are being considered by the DOC’s. The division the teams will be in depends on the teams results from the previous year. In the case of new teams the DOC and coach will place the teams in the division that they feel is the best fit for the team. The goal is to provide the highest and best competition available for the team that enables them to grow and develop. We are not placing teams into competition that is too strong for them just to say we have teams at that level.

Q – What happens to the team account?
A –
This is up to the current team all team accounts can be carried forward to the upcoming season and applied to that Teams account.

Q – What if I have other questions?
A –
You can e-mail questions to [email protected]


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